AV4024 series spectrum analyzer has many advantages: wide frequency range, high performance , high sweep speed, various functions, and easy operation. In terms of performance index, it has excellent displayed average noise level, low phase noise, and high sweep speed. In terms of measurement functions, it has measurement functions of spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, AM/FM/PM analyzer, power meter, channel scanner etc. as well as intelligent measurement functions of channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent-channel power ratio, tune&listen, emission mask, and carrier-to-noise ratio etc. AV4024 adopts the integrated design of 8.4 inch LCD and capative touch screen, which improves the display definition and operation convenient. It is handheld, compact and light, with flexible power supply, which is very suitable for field work.
AV4024 can be used for signal and equipment test in the fields of aerospace, microwave & satellite communication, radio communication, radar monitoring, electronic countermeasures & reconnaissance, and precision guidance.
Wide frequency range: from 9kHz to 44GHz, 4 models
Low displayed average noise level: -163dBm@1Hz RBW(typical)
Excellent phase noise performance: -106dBc/Hz@100kHz frequency offset@1GHz carrier
High sweep speed: for 1GHz span, shortest sweep time <20ms
Resolution bandwidth: 1Hz~10MHz
Full-band pre-amplifier: standard configuration
Various measurement functions: spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer (spectrogram, RSSI),AM/FM/PM analyzer, channel scanner, high accuracy power meter etc.
Various intelligent measurement functions: field strength measurement, channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent-channel power ratio, tune&listen, carrier-to-noise ratio, emission mask.  
Various auxiliary test interface: 10MHz reference input/output interface, GPS antenna interface, zero span IF output interface, external triggering input interface etc.
Easy & convenient user operation: 8.4 inch high definition LCD and large font display, convenient capacitive touch screen operation, combination of LCD and touch screen, various display modes, and automatic adjustment of backlight brightness etc.
Working temperature range: -10℃~50℃; Power supplied by battery or adapter.
Various measurement functions 

Easy & convenient user operation
 One-click quick measurement
 Storage and invocation of state and data
 Combination of 8.4 inch LCD and capacitive touch screen; smaller light refraction and clearer display.
 Convenient capacitive touch screen operation.
 Various display modes: better experience under outdoor light and night vision.
 Automatic adjustment of backlight brightness.

Comprehensive performance evaluation of electronic weapon equipment
AV4024 series spectrum analyzer has advantages of wide frequency range, high performance index, high sweep speed, multiple test functions, and easy operation. It is handheld, compact and light, which can be power supplied by battery. It can be used for the field installation & calibration, repair & maintenance of electonic weapon equipment in fields of radar, communication, electronic countermeasures & reconnaissance, and precision guidance etc. .
Field test and diagnosis of transmitter and receiver
AV4024 serious spectrum analyzers have various measurement function modes like spectrum analyzer, interference analyzer, AM/FM/PM analyzer, power meter, channel scanner etc. as well as various intelligent measurement functions such as channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent-channel power ratio, carrier-to-noise ratio, field strength measurement, emission mask etc. It can provide comprehensive spectrum analysis and diagnosis service for the field test of transmitter and receiver.
Broadband spectrum monitoring, interference recognition
Connected with external directive antenna, AV4024 series spectrum analyzer can be used for electromagnetic environment detection, radio interference analysis, electromagnetic environment background assessment, spectrum monitoring and illegal channel interference signal recognition.  
Model AV4024D/E/F/G
Frequency range AV4024D:9kHz~20GHz      AV4024E:9kHz~26.5GHz
AV4024F:9kHz~32GHz      AV4024G:9kHz~44GHz
Tuning resolution:1Hz
Frequency reference Frequency: 10MHz
Aging: ±0.5ppm/year
Initial frequency accuracy: ±0.3ppm
Temperature stability:±0.1ppm(-10~50℃, comparative to 25℃)
Sweep time Range: 10μs~600s (zero span)
Accuracy: ±2.00% (zero span)
Frequency readout accuracy Frequency readout accuracy = ±(frequency readout× frequency reference error +2%× span +10%× resolution bandwidth)
Frequency span Range: 100Hz~upper frequency limit of corresponding model or 0Hz
Accuracy: ±2.0%
Resolution bandwidth 1Hz~10MHz (1-3 times of stepping)
Video bandwidth 1Hz~10MHz (1-3 times of stepping)
SSB phase noise   
(carrier 1GHz)
≤-102dBc/Hz@ frequency offset 10kHz
≤-106dBc/Hz@ frequency offset 100kHz
≤-111dBc/Hz@ frequency offset 1MHz
≤-123dBc/Hz@ frequency offset 10MHz
Displayed average noise level Pre-amp off:
≤-138dBm(10MHz~4GHz)    ≤-135dBm(4GHz~6GHz)
≤-138dBm(6GHz~20GHz)    ≤-135dBm(20GHz~32GHz)
Pre-amp on:  
≤-157dBm(10MHz~4GHz)    ≤-152dBm(4GHz~6GHz)
≤-157dBm(6GHz~20GHz)     ≤-154dBm(20GHz~32GHz)
Residual response Pre-amp off:
≤-90dBm (10MHz~13GHz)     ≤-85dBm (13GHz~20GHz)
≤-80dBm (20GHz~44GHz)
Preamp on:
≤-100dBm (10MHz~32GHz)    ≤-95dBm (32GHz~44GHz)
(exceptional frequency: 1100MHz, 3200MHz)
Second harmonic distortion <-60dBc (attenuation 0dB, -30dBm input signal)
Absolute amplitude accuracy
(20℃~30℃, 30 minutes of preheating)
±2.3dB (10MHz~40GHz)
Input attenuator Attenuation range: 0dB~50dB, 10dB stepping
Maximum Continuous Input +30dBm Peak typical(≥10dB attenuation)
+23dBm Peak typical(<10dB attenuation)
+13dBm Peak typical(Pre-amp = ON)
Reference level Range: -120dBm~+30dBm
Conversion uncertainty: ±1.20dB
Battery power supply About 2.5h
Dimension 314mm (W)×218mm (H)×91mm (D) (excluding handle, stand)
338mm(W)×218mm (H)×100mm (D) (excluding handle, stand)
Weight About 5kg (excluding battery)
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Electromagnetic compatibility Conforms to GJB3947A-2009 3.9.1 requirements
Power consumption ≤30W (no charging to the battery)
Test interface AV4024D/E: N type connector
AV4024F/G: 2.4mm connector
Other interfaces 10MHz reference input/output: BNC female connector
External triggering input: BNC female connector
IF output: BNC female connector
GPS antenna input: BNC female connector 

 Main unit: AV4024D spectrum analyzer (9kHz~20GHz)
 Main unit: AV4024E spectrum analyzer (9kHz~26.5GHz)
 Main unit: AV4024F spectrum analyzer (9kHz~32GHz)
 Main unit: AV4024G spectrum analyzer (9kHz~44GHz)
 Standard configuration:
Item Description
Standard configuration accessories Standard 3-phase power cord
Power adapter
Quick guide
USB cable
Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
Certificate of conformity
l Optional accessories:
No. Description Function
AV4024-001 Optional accessories of English version English signs、keys、menu
AV4024-002 User manual (Chinese)  
AV4024-003 User manual (English)  
AV4024-004 Programming manual (Chinese)  
AV4024-005 Programming manual (English)  
AV4024-006 Power adapter Power adapter
AV4024-007 Rechargeable lithium ion battery Standby battery
AV4024-008 Purple cat5e cable Point to point, 2 meters
AV4024-009 MicroSD card Class4, capacity: 8G
AV4024-010 GPS antenna GPS exposed antenna
AV4024-011 USB power meter option Provide USB power measurement function (Requires USB power probe:012/013/014/015)
AV4024-012 AV87230 USB CW power probe 9kHz~6GHz power probe
AV4024-013 AV87231 USB CW power probe 10MHz~18GHz power probe
AV4024-014 AV87232 USB CW power probe 50MHz~26.5GHz power probe
AV4024-015 AV87233 USB CW power probe 50MHz~40GHz power probe
AV4024-016 Interference analyzer option Provide spectrogram, RSSI measurement etc. functions
AV4024-017 AM/FM/PM analyzer option To realize modulation characteristics analysis of AM/FM/PM signals
AV4024-018 Channel scanner option To realize signal power measurement of multiple channels and frequency
AV4024-019 List sweep option To realize continuous sweep measurement of various frequency bands
AV4024-020 Zero span IF output Output the third or fourth IF signal (choose one of two)
AV4024-021 AV89101A antenna Frequency range:10kHz~20MHz
(Requires option 025)
AV4024-022 AV89101B antenna Frequency range:20MHz~200MHz
(Requires option 025)
AV4024-023 AV89101C antenna Frequency range:200MHz~500MHz
(Requires option 025)
AV4024-024 AV89101D antenna Frequency range:500MHz~4GHz
(Requires option 025)
AV4024-025 AV89401 antenna amplifier Frequency range:10kHz~4GHz,N(f)
(Requires option 021/022/023/024)
AV4024-026 AV89901 antenna Frequency range:1GHz~18GHz,N(f)
AV4024-027 AV89902 antenna Frequency range:18GHz~40GHz,2.4mm(f)
AV4024-028 Functional bag Protect the instrument
AV4024-029 Backpack Easy to carry
AV4024-030 Safety instrument carrying case Used to carry