AV1464 Series, the high performance synthesized signal generators launched by China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., enjoy world-class sideband phase noise within the frequency range of 250kHz~67GHz. Your strict testing requirements on signal generators can be satisfied by the excellent spectrum purity, extra-wide frequency coverage, high-precision analog, frequency sweep, and high-precision power output in a large dynamic range. The standard dual-channel internal modulation signal generator and complex pulse generator provide wonderful AM, FM, ØM modulation and pulse modulation capabilities and avoid the annoyance of selecting from numerous options. AV1464 Series have four models to meet various demands of customers, they are AV1464A 250kHz~20GHz, AV1464B 250kHz~40GHz, AV1464C 250kHz~50GHz and AV1464 250kHz~67GHz. Chinese and English operation menus and large TFT LCD can better fulfill the demands of users. These products are ideal LO sources, clock sources and high-performance synthesized sweep sources, and also generate high quality analog signals.  They are mainly used in the comprehensive assessment of electronic system performances, testing on high-performance receiver and parameters of components and parts. They can be applied to many fields, such as aviation, spaceflight, radar, and communication and navigation equipment.
 Extra-wide frequency coverage
 Super pure signals
 Large dynamic range high-precision power output within the bandwidth of 67GHz
 High-precision analog sweep frequency output
 Standard inter-modulation signal generator and pulse generator
 Excellent wideband DCFM,DCØM
 High-precision linearity AM and exponential AM
 High-performance pulse modulation
 110GHz frequency-multiplication source module frequency extension
 Automatic scalar network analysis system can be established
 Chinese/English operation menus, large TFT LCD display
 Step, list and power sweep
 Automatic software update with U Disk

Super pure signals

AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators provide high quality testing signals within the bandwidth of 67GHz, good sideband phase noise as well as excellent harmonic and spurious performances which can satisfy the testing requirements of radar system development & satellite communications for pure stimulus signals.

High-precision power output within a large dynamic range

AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators can output high-precision signals in a large dynamic range within the frequency of 67GHz to meet your testing requirements.
AV1464, 10MHz~67GHz with 90dB attenuator, measure value

Max. Output power

High-precision analog sweep frequency

Whole frequency high-precision analog frequency sweep can satisfy your demands on fast sweep during wideband testing.

Internal modulation signal generator and pulse generator (standard)

Configuring standard dual-channel internal modulation signal generators, AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators generate high-quality modulation signals by the synthesis technology of direct digital waveform. The frequency range is DC-1MHz and resolution is 0.1Hz. Modulated waveforms can have as many as 7 kinds to provide comprehensive signal analog.
Configure standard internal pulse generators and 6 options of pulse modes totally for your choice. The pulse width can be set randomly between 40ns and 42s at a step of 10ns and pulse ON/OFF ratio is larger than 80dB, to meet your testing requirements for high-performance pulse source.

Excellent Analog Modulation (standard)

The AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators come standard with excellent analog modulation capability as well as AM, FM, ØM functions and support the inputs of internal and external modulation sources. They have wonderful DCFM capability with modulation rate up to DC~10MHz. They have two kinds of work modes: linear AM and exponential AM. The depth of the linear AM is greater than 90%. They offer you comprehensive solutions to generate high quality analog signals.

High-performance Pulse Modulation (standard)

The AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators come standard with high-performance pulse modulation function. When the output frequency is greater than 500MHz, its modulation depth is greater than 80dB, its modulation rate is smaller than 20ns and its minimum pulse width is 100ns. They support many trigger modes like gate, external, etc. Double-pulse output is available and provides flexible and convenient solutions for radar pulse signal analog. 

Frequency Multiplication Source Module Spectrum extension (Standard)

The AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators come standard with a frequency multiplication source module interface to which the waveguide series frequency multiplication source modules of the 41st institute can be connected to extend frequency to millimeter-wave, which provide a simple, quick, low-cost solution for high quality millimeter-wave signal generation.


Establishment of automatic scalar network testing system

AV1464 Series Generators can compose auto scalar network testing system together with AV36110 Scalar Network Analyzers to bring you fast and convenient wideband network testing. 

Chinese/English Operation Menu, Large TFT LCD

The AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators with independently designed software use large screen and Chinese/English operation menus and have a panoramic view of the current state. The operation menus can be set in English according to the different uses and occasions for your convenience.
Auto Software Update with a U Disk

Auto Software Update with a U Disk

The AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators provide USB interfaces available for smart software update and data backup. You can easily use a U disk for simple and quick software update and maintenance.

Multiple Programming Interfaces

The AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators offer additional extended interfaces like RS232 interface, GPIB interface, network interface, etc, for your choice to enable remote control and network update

Comprehensive Performance Evaluation on Electronic System

As synthesized signal generators with top-level performance in such field, AV1464 Series can generate high quality analog signals in a large dynamic range within the frequency range of 250 kHz~67GHz. They are used in the comprehensive performance evaluation of electronic systems on radar, electronic warfare and communication equipment, etc, to resolve the problems in system specification testing on bandwidth, sensitivity, dynamic range, intermodulation distortion and so on.



Testing on High-performance Receiver

AV1464 Series possess large output dynamic ranges and extremely high frequency stability and frequency resolution is 0.001Hz. They can output high-precision standard testing signals in performance testing on the high-performance receivers of radar, electronic warfare and communication equipment to resolve the problems in specification testing on sensitivity, dynamic range, and channel selectivity and so on.

Local Oscillator Substitution

With high pure signal quality, the AV1464 Series Synthesized Signal Generators can be used as ideal local oscillators to substitute those in the equipment under testing, such as transmitters and receivers. They will effectively avoid negative effect on testing due to bad quality of local oscillators so as to ensure the accuracy and creditability of your testing.



Frequency Range AV1464A:250kHz~20GHz
AV1464 :250kHz~67GHz
Frequency N(internal YO
harmonic number)
250kHz ≤ f ≤ 250MHz 1/8
250MHz < f ≤ 500MHz 1/16
500MHz < f ≤ 1GHz 1/8
1 GHz < f ≤ 2 GHz 1/4
2 GHz < f ≤ 3.2GHz 1/2
3.2 GHz < f ≤ 10GHz 1
10 GHz < f ≤20GHz 2
20 GHz < f ≤40GHz 4
40 GHz < f ≤67GHz 8
Frequency Resolution 0.001Hz
Time-base Aging Rate (typical value1) 5 × 10 -10 /day(power on after 30 days)
Sweep Mode Step sweep List sweep   Power sweep Analog sweep
Analog sweep (typical lvalue1 Max. Sweep speed rate 250kHz ≤ f ≤ 500MHz 25MHz/ms
500MHz < f ≤ 1GHz 50MHz/ms
1 GHz < f ≤ 2 GHz 100MHz/ms
2 GHz < f ≤ 3.2GHz 200MHz/ms
3.2GHz < f 400MHz/ms
Sweep accuracy 0.05% Sweep width( sweep time 100ms,within the        regulated max. sweep width of 100ms)
Harmonic2 250kHz ≤ f ≤ 10MHz -28dBc(typical value)
10MHz < f ≤2GHz -28dBc
2GHz < f ≤ 20GHz -55dBc
20GHz < f ≤ 40GHz -50dBc
Sub-harmonic2 250kHz ≤ f ≤ 10GHz None
10GHz < f ≤ 20GHz -55dBc
20GHz < f ≤ 67GHz -50dBc
Non-harmonic3 250kHz ≤ f ≤ 2GHz -65dBc
2GHz < f ≤ 20GHz -56dBc
20GHz < f ≤ 40GHz -50dBc
40 GHz < f ≤67GHz -44dBc
Single Sideband Phase Noise
Frequency        Freq. offset 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 100kHz
250kHz ≤ f ≤ 250MHz -101 -121 -130 -130
250MHz < f ≤ 500MHz -108 -126 -132 -132
500MHz < f ≤ 1GHz -101 -121 -130 -130
1GHz < f ≤ 2 GHz -96 -115 -124 -124
2GHz < f ≤3.2GHz -92 -111 -120 -120
3.2GHz < f ≤ 10GHz -81 -101 -110 -110
10GHz < f ≤20GHz -75 -95 -104 -104
20GHz < f ≤40GHz -69 -89 -98 -98
40GHz < f ≤67GHz -64 -83 -92 -92
Output power range
AV1464A:+13dBm ~ -20dBm
With option: programmable step attenuator:  +11dBm ~ -120dBm(-135dBm is settable)
AV1464B:+10dBm ~ -20dBm
With option: programmable step attenuator:  +8dBm ~ -120dBm(-135dBm is settable)
AV1464C/AV1464:+6dBm ~ -20dBm
With option: programmable step attenuator:  +3dBm ~ -90dBm(-110dBm is settable)
Power accuracy
No programmable step attenuator
Freq.       Power > +10 dBm +10~-10 dBm -10~-20dBm
250kHz ≤ f ≤ 2GHz ±1.0dB ±1.0dB ±2.0dB(typical value)
2GHz< f ≤20GHz ±1.2dB ±1.0dB ±2.0dB(typical value)
20GHz< f ≤40GHz / ±1.2dB ±2.2dB(typical value)
40GHz< f ≤50GHz / ±1.5dB ±2.2dB(typical value)
50GHz< f ≤67GHz / ±1.8dB ±2.5dB(typical value)
With programmable step attenuator
Freq.     Power > +10 dBm +10~-10dBm -10~-60dBm -60~-90dBm
250kHz ≤ f ≤ 2GHz ±1.0dB ±1.0dB ±1.5dB ±1.8dB
(typical value)
2GHz< f ≤20GHz ±1.2dB ±1.0dB ±1.5dB ±2.2dB
(typical value)
20GHz< f ≤40GHz / ±1.2dB ±1.8dB ±2.5dB
(typical value)
40GHz< f ≤
/ ±1.5dB ±2.0dB ±2.5dB
(typical value)
50GHz< f ≤
/ ±1.8dB ±2.5dB ±3.0dB
(typical value)
Pulse modulation 500MHz≤f≤67GHz Pulse modulation ON/OFF ratio >80dB
Rise and descent time of pulse modulation <20ns
Min. pulse width of stable amplitude (internal stable amplitude) 1μs
Min. pulse width of non-stable amplitude 0.1μs
AM 10MHz Modulation depth:>90%
Modulation bandwidth(3dB,30% modulation depth):DC~100kHz
AM accuracy(1kHz modulation rate,30% modulation depth):<3%
AM distortion(1kHz modulation rate,30% modulation depth):<2%
FM 10MHz Max. Freq. offset:N×16MHz(N is harmonic number of YO)
Accuracy(1kHz rate,300Hz~3kHz demodulation bandwidth,1kHz Modulation rate(3dB bandwidth):
Internal DC:DC~100kHz;internal AC:100kHz~1MHz
External DC:DC~100kHz;external AC:100 kHz ~10MHz
Distortion(1kHz rate, freq. offset :N×800kHz,total harmonic distortion):<2%
Phase modulation 10MHz Max. phase offset:when modulation bandwidth is 100kHz  N×160rad
Accuracy(1kHz rate,300Hz~3kHz demodulation bandwidth,1rad Modulation rate(3dB bandwidth):
Modulation bandwidth 100kHz:DC-100kHz;modulation bandwidth 1MHz:100kHz ~1MHz(typical value), max. phase offset N×16rad
Distortion(1kHz rate,1rad
Internal modulation
Signal generator
Function generator provides: signals of AM and freq./phase modulation
Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, ramp wave, noise, double sine and sweep sine.
Freq. range: 
Sine wave, double sine, sweep sine 1Hz~1MHz
Square wave, triangle wave and ramp wave 1Hz-100kHz
Freq. resolution: 1Hz
Pulse modulation signal:
Pulse width: 20ns~(42s-10ns)
Pulse cycle: 100ns~42s
Resolution:  10ns
RF output port AV1464A AV1464B AV1464C AV1464
3.5mm(M) 2.4mm(M) 2.4mm(M) 1.85mm(M)
Display TFT-LCD
Operation menu Chinese/English
Standard:426mm × 133mm × 510 mm(no handles, rear feet and bottom feet)
Max.:482mm × 152mm × 582 mm
Max. Weight Approx. 20kg
Working temp. 0℃ ~+40℃
Max. Power consumption 300W
Power 220V AC
1. When AV1464 Synthesized Signal Generators stay in the ambient temp for 2 hours and are preheated for 30 min, the attenuators will couple automatically(or ALC power is larger than -5dBm). All specifications can be fulfilled within the given working temp. Range. The supplementary characteristics by   typical value are only for user reference but not for verification.
2. When the output power is maximum, output freq. range of the generators stays within the specs.
3. When the output power is 0dBm, deviate from carrier by 1kHz.
4. The output power is set at +10dBm in testing or the max. output power(the max. output power is lower than +10dBm).
Main unit:     AV1464   Synthesized signal generator  250kHz~67GHz
AV1464A  Synthesized signal generator  250kHz~20GHz
AV1464B  Synthesized signal generator  250kHz~40GHz
AV1464C  Synthesized signal generator  250kHz~50GHz
Standard configuration:
No. Name Description
1 Power cord Standard 3-core power cord
2 User’s guide  
3 Programming manual  
4 Certificate of conformity  
No. Description Remarks
AV1464-001 115dB programmable step attenuator Only available for AV1464A and AV1464B. To extend dynamic range of output power.
AV1464-002 90dB programmable step attenuator Only available for AV1464C and AV1464. To extend dynamic range of output power.
AV1464-003 English options English menus and English panel etc, for export.
AV1464-004 Aluminum alloy transportation case High strength, light aluminum alloy transportation case with handle. Easy for transportation
AV1464-005 Upper machine cabinet The required structural parts for installing the instrument into the cabinet